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My Quarantine Morning Routine

MY MORNING ROUTINE during THE QUARANTINE! If you’re at home or in quarantine (remember, #stayhome), you’re likely looking for some inspiration to keep yourself healthy and active even throughout this uncertain time. Here is the Miracle Morning routine I’ve been following every morning which includes meditation, affirmations, visualization, journaling, reading and exercise. Come GRWM! Try …

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7 Days On A Yoga Retreat

Have you ever wondered “what’s a yoga retreat like” or “how do yoga retreats work”? I’m sure if you have scrolled through Instagram, you have seen many fitness influencers on wellness retreats or meditation retreats. On these trips, they most often participate in activities centered around wellness. Yoga retreats work in pretty much the same …

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6-Minute Toning Workout

I think we have all googled how to workout like a VS model at least once. Meet my personal trainer, Justin Gelband! He is working with me to help me achieve my goal of FEELING STRONGER before my upcoming wedding in September. He is known for having trained multiple celebrities, including VS models, and there …

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3 Go-To Weeknight Dinners

Here are my 3 favorite easy dinner recipes! Raise your hand if you’ve been here…the clock strikes 6pm, you open up the fridge and the pantry, and you ask yourself yet again, “What should I make for dinner tonight?” Guilty! Michael and I try to cook as many home-cooked dinners as possible, so in today’s …

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