5 Days Of Trying Ice Facials: Benefits And Before/After

I TRIED 5 DAYS OF ICE FACIALS and gave myself a daily ice water bath on my face for five days straight. I wanted to see if this experiment would help improve my skin. As you might know, I’ve been experiencing adult acne, and I’ve changed up my entire skincare routine. (Check out my recent morning & nighttime skincare routine video for more on that.) My skin has been getting better every day, but I can’t say the improvement is solely due to these ice facials. If you looked at photos from before and after I started doing these ice baths, I don’t think you’d notice a crazy difference. However, I do think these facials are a great self-care activity to try throughout the summer, especially after workouts! Every time I was done with my cold water face immersion session and lifted my head from the bowl, I felt fresh, clean, and overall…GREAT! The biggest benefit from my ice water facials was that my skin felt fresh and perhaps a bit less puffy afterwards. But overall, it just felt refreshing!

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