8-Minute Hip-Hop Dance Class

CARDIO DANCE CLASS! Let’s learn to dance together! In this short dance cardio tutorial and dance class, you can dance with me and learn a dance taught by The Rickey Sisters! This is perfect for some cardio, some hip hop movement, fitness, and a fun at home workout! This hip hop dance cardio routine features a fun 20 second dance choreographed by Sammy and Alyssa Rickey of The Rickey Sisters. I first learned about them from Obe Fitness (Our Body Electric), where each of them is a dancer teaching pop, hip hop, rap and more cardio dance classes. Their dance tutorial videos teach you how to dance and feature fun hip-hop routines and hip hop choreography that’s perfect if you want to do a workout at home. Keep watching to learn some of my favorite moves and work up a sweat!

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