Health + Mom Updates

It’s time for another weekly vlog as a new mom in NYC! I’m giving you a health update 2022 and bringing you inside a week in my life. I hope you love running around NYC with me!
Come along as I chat about recent health updates, try a husband haul, and give the latest about how I’ve been feeling at this stage of my life as a new(ish) mom!
For the first time in 3 YEARS I’ve been knocked down by a cold. After a run-in with mastitis, contracting C. Diff from the antibiotics, and then having to take ANOTHER course of antibiotics to cure that, I can confidently say we are on the up and up! But, I’m still not feeling 100%.
I plan to see a naturopathic doctor to create a better game plan for supporting my gut going forward! I’ll keep you posted on the details. After all that, I am in need of some serious R&R. As a child, I always thought to myself, “I’ll NEVER be that boring adult that just chills in a chair while the kids play.” Well, I guess this is a sign that I’ve officially crossed over into adulthood because I just want to CHILL. Give me a chair and a matcha and I’m a happy camper. ⛺️
In all seriousness though, I do truly feel like the happiest of campers right now. I am so content with where I am in life, where I am in this busy season of work, and where I am as a mom. I won’t go as far as to say I’ve struck a perfect balance, but I’m grateful to be able to work 3 days a week and soak in all the Milo moments the other four days! To any new moms out there, I’m here to tell you that it gets better. It gets easier, and it gets OH SO SWEET!
I hope you enjoyed hanging with Milo and me, catching up on life updates, and joining as I share a behind-the-scenes look at my daily life as a mom in New York City!

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