Trying A Low Waste & Sustainable Body Care Routine

I TRIED THE MINIMAL & ZERO-WASTE BODY CARE ROUTINE OF ANOTHER YOUTUBER! I get it… finding all-natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free, low-impact and zero waste products that are made with ethically sourced ingredients, and come in compostable or zero-waste packaging is HARD… which is why I was so happy that I stumbled upon Jhanneu’s minimal and sustainable body / skincare routine on her YouTube channel. If you’ve been a subscriber for a while now, you know how fascinated I am with different people’s daily routines (and, on a smaller scale, their skincare and body care routines). So that’s why I wanted to LEARN FROM the BEST and try out an expert, zero-waste blogger’s low-impact body care routine. Jhanneu is a YouTuber who focuses on low-impact, intentional living. When I found her channel, I was amazed by all of the incredible value she offers. In one of her previous videos, she dives into how she keeps her skin soft, clean and smelling good, all while using only zero-waste and plastic-free products. Her sustainable body care essentials for her minimal skincare routine are now staples in my bathroom! I hope this video inspires you to start incorporating some of these products into your own routines!

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